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Associate your business with the success and glamour of Central London

Advertise on BAGGED! at www.centrallondon.info to increase the number of visitors to your website, increase your sales and gain a deep association for your brand with Central London and its iconic attractions. This is a unique opportunity to associate your business with the success and glamour of Central London.

The price/performance of advertising on BAGGED! is outstanding compared to conventional advertising media. TDK currently pays 4M per year to advertise on the Piccadilly Circus electronic billboard - see pic below.

The world famous Piccadilly Circus Advertising Billboard at night

Reach out and engage with London's annual 19 million tourist and business visitors - 2.3 million of whom are from the US - and make contact with London's 9 million residents. Advertise to this multi-million audience with money to spend on your product/service. Because BAGGED! is a website of worldwide interest it has introductions in eight major foreign languages - Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

Beautiful and brimming with spectacle and possibilities, everyone knows and loves Central London - and now you too can be associated with Central London. Your image (logo, ad) linked to your website can now be on BAGGED!, the ultimate shopping guide to Central London.

Many visitors are familiar with the standard tourist attractions and are now looking to do something different new entertainment, clubs, restaurants, shopping, personal services looking to spend their money on your business. And as broadband internet connectivity at home and work and mobile internet access become increasingly pervasive more and more people will be visiting CentralLondon.INFO . . . where they could find you. Hovering over your image, a visitor will see your name/slogan/message and then click to be taken to your website.

Surfing online has now overtaken watching TV as everyone's favourite leisure activity. Also consumers have become increasingly immune to traditional advertising on billboards, in newspapers and on TV - but online they feel in control and are willing to click and be led. The BAGGED! website at www.centrallondon.info creates a halo effect, encouraging visitors to click on its adverts.

Unbeatable price/performance

Global advertising 24/7 . . . . for six years The cost of advertising on BAGGED! is just a few hundred pounds per year (price depends on position of ad) whereas traditional advertising costs many thousands of pounds per year.

For comparison, to advertise on a panel of a London black cab costs 100 per month (1,200 per year); a conventional Billboard advert between 700 - 2,500 per month (8,400 - 30,000 per year); a full-page ad running for just one day in a major newspaper about 22,000; and to display an ad 60 times per hour on 20 digital billboards over a two week campaign period costs 75,000.

Advertising on BAGGED! is simple - you get a clickable advertising link to your web site for a small annual payment. It is not 'cost-per-click' (CPC) advertising (or its CPA/CPM/CPV variations) which has variable costs and is complex and time consuming to manage. Our advertising solution doesn't target people actively searching for your particular service/product via keywords but reaches out to a much larger international audience of web users drawn in by the Central London halo effect - a huge audience for your product/service for sale in Central London. (For further explanation see Wikipedia's internet marketing Geotargeting, Common uses, bullet point 9, 'City advertising').

Buy advertising space now

Grab advertising 
space now and bring the world to your website Advertising on BAGGED! offers continuous, global reach connecting your product/service offering to a huge audience. Submit your request for advertising space today (sales@centrallondon.info) and start benefitting from association with the success and glamour of Central London.

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